Foreign Investors Investing in the US & US Citizens Investing Abroad

About Roberge Poskus International

Roberge Poskus International

We provide a broad range of services for our international clients. Our personnel possess the expertise and extensive experience required to perform these functions. We offer personalized, confidential and highly competitive services, enabling us to fulfill the various needs of our overseas clients.


  • Accounting and tax services for foreign nationals and corporations 
  • Immigration support 
  • Pre-residency tax planning 
  • Tax planning for nonresident aliens 
  • Assistance in obtaining U.S. tax I.D. numbers 
  • Consultation on income and estate tax laws 
  • Preparation of income tax returns for nonresident aliens and foreign corporations 
  • Design and implementation of alternative tax structures for foreign nationals acquiring, operating or disposing of U.S. real estate 
  • Assistance in obtaining financing and establish banking relationships for foreign nationals and foreign companies


Do you need help understanding how changes in the U.S. tax law will affect your income, earnings, investments and real estate holdings? Our firm has the experience and expertise to guide you through this complex maze of rules and regulations.