Foreign Investors Investing in the US & US Citizens Investing Abroad

Welcome to Roberge Poskus International

Roberge Poskus International is a highly specialized certified public accounting firm with over 70 years of cumulative experience in the international tax area. We are uniquely qualified to handle your U.S. tax and accounting needs. If you are a foreign national investing in or moving to the United States, we have the knowledge required to minimize your tax liabilities while helping you comply with complicated international legal requirements. 

Roberge Poskus International is the only Certified Public Accounting firm in the state of Florida that practices international taxation exclusively. Our staff also has experience in assisting U.S. citizens who own property outside the U.S. and/or work outside the U.S.

Current U.S. tax law is complex; errors can be costly. Special laws apply to how you report your income, profits, earnings, or scholarships. Do you own or operating a business in the United States? Are you a foreign national who buys, sells, or operates real estate in the United States? 

If you earn an income in the United States, regardless of your employer’s country of origin, we can help you minimize your international tax footprint. Let our experienced staff help you with  your income and inheritance taxes.